Our Projects

Action Dad

Teenagers Liz Ramsey and her brother Mick have a seemingly normal life...with two small exceptions. Their dad, Chuck Ramsey, is a super secret action hero and their mom, Angela Ramsey, is a super secret villain!

Although mom and dad work for competing agencies, they both agree that the most important thing in their lives are their kids, so no amount of laser blasters, car chases or attacking ninjoids will keep them from being a family.

ACTION DAD is written by the team of Henry Gilroy, acclaimed writer of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", and Thomas Krajewski, Emmy-nominated writer for Nickelodeon's hit show "The Fairly Oddparents", and directed by industry veteran John Kafka.

Super Spies, Super Villains, Teenagers and the PTA are all in a days work for the Ramsey family. ACTION DAD, launching worldwide in 2011.


Yoo Hoo & Friends!

YOOHOO & FRIENDS is the comedy adventures of five, cute-as-can-be, furry-tailed heroes who are on a global quest to save the planet from a series of wacky eco-disasters, which were caused by their unenlightened former human selves!

Each of our loveable YooHoos is inspired by a real life creature from around the globe, giving kids everywhere a personal connection to our adorable friends.

YOOHOO & FRIENDS will try to put a stop to a giant panda catching fly strip, a destructive earthquake nut-gathering machine, a huge Equator-cooling fan, an erupting lava-cologne factory and more. If they are successful, Roodee the inventor, Chewoo the cheerleader, Lemmee the sourpuss, Pammee the princess and their leader YooHoo are rewarded with special precious gems planted by Father Time himself (voiced by rap legend Flavor Flav). The ultimate collection of these gems could mean the reversal of centuries of destruction. So it's up to the furry five to fix the world, find the gems, and of course have tons of fun all along the way!

This series is created and produced by David Feiss, award winning creator of such series as "Cow and Chicken" and "I Am Weasel". It is also written by Thomas Krajewski, Emmy-nominated writer for Nickelodeon's hit show "The Fairly Oddparents".