About ADC Licensing

At ADC Licensing we finance, develop, produce and license animated television series. We invest in animation projects that we feel have strong market potential. Then we work with our partners to market the television series and related merchandise licensing opportunities.

The Business

ADC Licensing is a fully certified Nevada limited liability corporation established in 2007 in accordance with prevailing state law. Operations are supported by contributions made by the founders and the invested capital received from purchasers of participation Units in the Company.

Its primary business is financing the development, production and licensing of animated cartoon series for television, the creation of marketing materials, the support of creative, administrative and marketing personnel, all directed toward the support of licensing of the series, plus the continued development of new series, and maintenance of headquarters and personnel for production and corporate operations.

Recent Developments

Two of the Company's current projects were developed in-house and are presently in production. The first one was initially introduced at the MIP-Junior international children's programming trade show in Cannes, France and received so much positive attention that it earned it 13th place on the show's prestigious list of the 30 Most-Screened Programs, out of some 1,143 entries. For a new company, this was a remarkable feat, and is evidence of both the quality of the animation and the effectiveness of the Company's promotional efforts.

The Company is also engaged in re-purposing additional product promotion and marketing. This includes the acquisition of worldwide rights (except for Korea and Canada) to a proven series that was aired successfully in South Korea, and the line of toys based on the cartoon characters have already generated more than $163 million in sales since 2007 (over half in the US even without an animated show on television), with a much greater market ready to be explored for potentially even higher sums.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to fund the creation and marketing of high-quality family friendly animated programs specifically designed for a worldwide audience of children. Our prime goal is to become known throughout the industry for creating quality family-friendly animated entertainment that has strong appeal to potential licensees. The central element in our operation is the Licensing of series and characters, not only for broadcast on networks, but even more importantly, ancillary merchandising, such as toys, games, and DVDs.

Plan For Success

This plan will allow our projects to reach a worldwide audience, and thereby earn significant ongoing revenue for both the company and its stakeholders.

To accomplish this, the company secures the rights to carefully selected cartoon projects, invests in their development, and then introduces them to the world of children's entertainment, while production is being initiated. This is done in conjunction with the highly experienced talent at Toonzone Studios. In addition, we have designed a unique and very aggressive strategy of promotion and advertising, focusing on major trade publications and key industry trade shows, to generate awareness throughout the industry.